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Robotics Researcher at NSWC PCD

Matthew J. Bays

My name is Matthew Bays, and I am a robotics researcher at the Naval Surface Warfare Center - Panama City Division.  My research focuses on stochastic and optimal path planning with application to maritime robotics.  

I obtained my Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, with my dissertation focusing primarily on path planning algorithms for autonomous underwater vehicles that inherently optimize for classification missions.  This involves approaches with formal probability guarantees as well as linear programming using approximations to Bayes risk objective functions.

To gain an understanding of my research, please see my Publications page.  All have either been on the academic side only or approved for public release if the research was affiliated with NSWC PCD.

Matthew J. Bays

mjb222 {at} ieee  [dot] org

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10/1 - Happy New Fiscal Year!

8/4 - Had a great group of NREIP Interns!

We had some fantastic interns at NSWC PCD’s Autonomy and Unmanned Systems Branches. They built a USV, created path planning algorithms, and interface to planning tools.

Latest Updates

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11/15 - Revisions to paper in JIRS

Just submitted revisions to a paper in the Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems.